1. Range hours are daylight to day 7 days a week. (please be mindful of Sunday morning church serves of the church down the street.)

2.  BEFORE entering the gate CALE 205-884-3333 (central dispatch) and tell them :

          A.  Who you are

          B.  The range is going to be "hot"

          C.  You are NOT asking permission.  You are informing central so that if 

                they receive calls about "shots fired" in the area, they will know why.

3.  When you LEAVE the range: 

          A.  CLOSE and LOCK the gate

          B.  CALL 205-884-3333 and tell them you are "off the range"

4.  The range is designed by APOSTC standards and is intended to be used for Pistol Qualifications.  If you would like to shoot the same course as Law Enforcement Officers, you may download the form from the APOSTC website.

5.  You may sight in your long guns.


7.  All weapons must be fired AT THE TARGETS against the embankment at the end of the range.

8.  NEVER FIRE ANY WEAPON IN ANY DIRECTION EXCEPT DIRECTLY INTO THE EMBANKMENT!  Any person who violates this will be permanently removed from the lodge and charged with criminal trespass if they return after removal.

9.  The modified care, large plastic pipes, etc. on the range are barricades and will not be shot.  They are NOT targets.

10.  Distance, with any weapons, is limited to 50 yards (the last concrete run across the range).  You may NOT fire any weapon under the canopy.

11.  If you fire a SHOTGUN, please clean up your spent shells when you finish shooting.

12.  If you fire revolvers, pistols or long guns, please police your brass and place it in the 5 gallon bucket(s) under the canopy or take it with you when you leave.  If you reload ammunition, you are welcome to take any brass on the range or in the 5 gallon buckets that you desire.

13.  CLEAN UP and TAKE AWAY all TRASH, USED TARGETS, etc.  In an effort to keep your membership dues low, we do not provide a trash disposal service.

14.  You have been given the code to the padlock on the gate.

             A.  NEVER give this code to anyone or you will be removed from the      


            B.  Make certain that you are holding the lock so that the numbers are 

                 in the correct orientation.  If you are holding the lock upside down,

                 the combination will not work because you will be entering the 

                 numbers in reverse.  This is an ongoing issue.

15.  You MAY bring a guest or two to shoot with you.  YOU are responsible for your guest(s).

16.  You may not teach a class at the range without prior WRITTEN approval from the lodge.  No "for profit" classes are allowed because they inconvenience other members.

17.  Quarterly (Saturday) firearms classes are offered at the FOP range (Pell City) and Sheriff's Training Center (Ashville).  Please contact Pell City Police Department for details on FOP range classes and the Sheriff's Office in Ashville for Training Center classes.

18.  Unsafe firearms practices should be reported immediately to Lodge Officers INCLUDING the names(s) and nature of hazardous activity.  We cannot correct "somebody".  We need names!

19.  If a significant issue arises (argument, misuse of range, vandalism, suspicious person, etc.) CALL 205-884-3333 and request an ON DUTY DEPUTY be dispatched and complete an Incident Report.  You are the "reporting party" and "FOP Lodge 50" is the Victim.  Have the Deputy contact the Lodge President so that he is aware of the incident.

20.  Assume ALL weapons are loaded at ALL times.

21.  Never point your weapon at anything unless you intend to shoot it.

22.  Only fire your weapons DOWN RANGE (toward the embankment).

23.  Never fire down range if anyone is down range.

24.  Have fun!

25.  Exercise safe firearms practices!

26.  Use common sense!

27.  Periodically the target stands need to be replaced.  If you are willing to assemble them (we will provide materials), please contact one of the lodge officers.  We can be contacted by calling Central Dispatch.